New Forest House – Villa Panbil

Meeting the high market demand, Villa Panbil, known as an elite, comfortable, and safe residential area in the middle of Batam City, has launched a new unit, Villa Forest House Special Edition.

As one of Villa Panbil’s exclusive products sold out in 2019, finally, Villa Forest House finally launched another unit, “This Special Edition Panbil Forest House Villa is launched with a special price starting from 2 million rupiah, and as we offer launching promo, buyers will get special price, for example for hard cash purchases we can give a 10% discount. “, said Husen, Marketing Executive Villa Panbil.

Villa Forest House Special Edition still comes with its uniqueness, which are the upslope and downslope types with 3 + 1 bedrooms. The upslope type with an open concept and the downslope type is a 2-story residence with the concept of a 1-floor house plus a basement. This 150 square meter building is indeed smaller than the previously sold unit, but it doesn’t reduce the comfort and aesthetic aspects of the house. Having a team of experienced architects, unique designs are one of the mainstays of Villa Panbil’s products

With the concept of natural living Villa Panbil pampers the eyes of its residents with the natural beauty around it because it is located on a high ground.

Apart from pampering its residents with green views, as an independent city, Villa Panbil also offers complete facilities, ranging from places of worship, a mall, clubhouse, gym, live music, swimming pool, a supermarket, bakery, and even a 5-minute walk to Best Western Panbil Hotel and Panbil Residence Apartment.


I am looking to reiterate in Batam and am very interred in the Villa Panbil area. Do you have an area where I can see what is for sale with prices? Thank you.

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